The following is the schedule for the 2017 Catholic Schools Week.

January 29

Sunday Mass

January 30

Morning Prayer

Faith, Knowledge, Service: In Our Community

Students will make cards of appreciation to community members: county commissioners, mayor, police, crossing guard, bus drivers, school nurse, mail carrier, etc. Each community member will also be given a small treat.

January 31

Morning Prayer

Faith, Knowledge, Service: In Our Nation

Students will participate in “Math Mania.” All students will be completing Math problems which include different Trivia to solve the problems.

February 1

Morning Prayer

Faith, Knowledge, Service: In Our Students

3rd Annual ABVM Team Challenge Scavenger Hunt & Crazy Sock Day
All students will participate in ABVM Team Challenge Scavenger Hunt. Students are assigned to a team. Each team is assigned a color. Teams will find the answers to academic questions. Students will wear their team shirt with jeans and crazy socks.

February 2

Morning Prayer

Faith, Knowledge, Service: In Our Vocations

Teachers will be preparing a covered dish lunch in appreciation to our pastors who support our school. Students will write thank-you cards to their pastor.

“Bored” Game Afternoon
Students will play board games in their classrooms.

February 3

Morning Prayer

Faith, Knowledge, Service: In Our Faculty & Staff

Faculty and 8th Grade students will compete in a kickball game. Faculty will be treated to a special lunch.

“Soup”er Bowl
Students will wear their favorite NFL/College/Catholic High School t-shirt with gym pants. Students will donte a can of soup for the needy.

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