Clearance Information

If at any point during the school year(s), you would like to volunteer at Assumption, please consider obtaining your clearances. Clearances take about 2 to 3 weeks to obtain so getting an early start is important. Clearances would be required for: helping at the Halloween Party, Christmas Party, Field Trip Chaperones, Library helpers, Lunch helpers, Classroom help, etc…

Clearances required by the Diocese of Allentown are as follows:

  • FBI Fingerprints through the Department of Education – many of you may already have FBI Fingerprints through the Department of Human Services for your work. Unfortunately, those are not the ones that permit you to work in a school. Those allow you to volunteer with your church, but not a school.
  • Pennsylvania Criminal Background Check (PATCH)
  • Child Abuse History Report
  • Mandated Reporter Training
  • Protecting God’s Children Certificate
  • Signed Diocesan Code of Conduct
  • Signed Diocesan Sexual Abuse Policy
  • Signed Diocesan Child Protective Services Law

I can provide payment service codes to get your FBI Fingerprints done for free as well as your Child Abuse History Report done for free. *Fingerprint results take approximately 2-3 weeks.

If you are unsure whether you are cleared to volunteer in a school, or if your clearances on file are current or if you’d like to start your clearance process, please email me and I will get you the information that you need. Remember, that just because you are cleared to volunteer for your church, doesn’t mean that you are eligible for a school.

Thank you,
Mrs. Tara Mengel

***Please note that most clearances expire after 5 years and will then need to be redone.***